Black lungs affect about 16% of coal miners, both old and young miners.

Black lungs affect about 16% of coal miners, both old and young miners.

Currently, medicine has no cure for this disease. So the goal of treatment is to calm the symptoms, reducing the risk of complications.

Medications: Your doctor will likely prescribe medications that reduce inflammation in the lungs, supporting respiration.

Lung rehabilitation: during the recovery of lung function, the patient will learn exercises to improve the strength of the lungs, the ability to breathe, help maintain activity, breathe more effectively.

Additional oxygen: also known as oxygen therapy, this treatment uses a device that provides extra oxygen to the lungs, which is heavily used for severe cases of black lung disease.

Spectrum transplantationi: in this procedure, one or both lungs are replaced with lungs from the donor, which is used only in very severe cases.

In fact, not all coal workers develop black lungs. However, prevention is better than cure.

According to experts, people working in environments such as coal mines, coal mining should wear masks carefully when working, wash the skin after exposure to coal dust, remove dust from clothes safely, wash hands and face before eating.

In addition, each person should have regular medical examinations. The doctor monitors lung function, breathing rate – the condition notices any warning signs in the early stages.

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