Infertility due to inflammation of the testicles, mumps

Risk of infertility due to inflammation of the testicles, mumps

To prevent testicular inflammation, men should play , use condoms to avoid infection with sexually transmitted diseases, get full mumps vaccination, check the prostate periodically or as prescribed by a doctor if over 50 years of age.

When there are signs of testicular inflammation, it is recommended to immediately go to specialized medical facilities for timely diagnosis and treatment, avoiding affecting health and fertility.

Men with testicular inflammation should avoid having sex during treatment until the prescribed course of antibiotics is completed and there are no more related symptoms.

Testicular inflammation is usually caused by bacteria or viruses, most commonly mumps virus, which causes a decrease in sperm count and quality, the risk of leading to male infertility.

Testicular inflammation has a typical cause of the virus that causes mumps disease paramyxovirus.

The disease is easily spread through the respiratory tract, when droplets from the sick person are transmitted directly to the healthy person.

Mumps outbreaks are prone to outbreaks in crowded places such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

People with mumps often have symptoms that are easily confused with salivary gland inflammation.

However, the consequences of mumps are more serious, especially with the reproductive function of men.