Control your glycemic index within a safe threshold

Control your glycemic index within a safe threshold

People with diabetes should take medication, exercise, HbA1c blood glucose test for 3 months to control at less than 7, prevent complications.

When suffering from diabetes, many people often think that it is safe to control blood glucose levels when hungry or after eating.

However, it is more important to control the HbA1c index below 7%.

The HbA1c index should be kept below 7%.

Many patients with diabetes have had complications in the heart, kidneys, eyes … Without knowing, especially doing a quick test and seeing that the blood glucose is still below the threshold.

However, if the HbA1c test is performed, it is possible to detect that the disease is still not well controlled.

Diabetes mellitus causes severe complications on most organs in the body, such as myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage due to atherosclerosis, necrosis of the amputated right leg, kidney failure, blindness …

Due to the disease developing silently, when detected diabetes mellitus 50% of cases had complications.

When controlling diabetes, many people usually only pay attention to the blood glucose test when hungry and after eating for two hours.

This indicator provides information about blood sugar levels right at the time of the test.

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