Why are women prone to dislocation of the thighs?

Why are women prone to dislocation of the thighs?

Dislocation of the thigh tea can be accompanied by other injuries such as the dislocation of the inner femoral ligament, the withdrawal of the outer joint, the tear of the ligament …

So, in the event that physiotherapy treatment fails, the doctor will reassess the lesion in the thigh tea structure and conduct surgery.

In the most serious cases, including problems such as large Q-angle, rotating femur shaft, rotated tibia shaft, then the doctor will coordinate all 3 methods such as chiseling the orthopedic bone for the inner rotating femur shaft, reconstruction of the femoral knee ligament in creating firmness inside the knee joint, Chisels move the protrusion point of the baseball bridge into the inside to form the best path for the kneecap on the thigh bridge protruding every time the patient is active.

Dislocation of thigh tea cake can develop into chronic, so patients should go to the hospital to be examined and treated in a timely manner when symptoms of the disease.

In addition to the cause of misbehavior and congenital bone formation, women are more susceptible to dislocation of the thigh tea due to knees crooked out than men.

When a young female patient, dislocated her kneecap without any injuries.

Accordingly, when the patient is jogging, the knee suddenly collapses, appears a tumor on the front of the knee and cannot stretch the pillow as usual.

After being admitted to the hospital, the patient was diagnosed by a doctor with a dislocation of the thigh tea cake.

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