Factors that affect the success of fertilization in utero

Factors that affect the success of fertilization in utero

Whether IUI is successful or not depends on the infertility factors associated with problems in the reproductive organs in both sexes.

For example, problems with sperm (weak sperm, deformity) or a defective cervix, severe endometriosis,… The success rate of IUI treatment may not be high.

IVF treatment would be a better option in these cases.

However, IUI with assisted reproductive drugs that stimulate ovulation can lead to more success in people who do not ovulate naturally, or infrequent ovulation, ovulation disorders…

This method is also highly effective in the case of a couple who have difficulty getting pregnant because the husband has problems with sperm.

It is less expensive than IVF, so this is also the reason why IUI has become a popular choice for many people.

However, consider the possibility of success and performing IVF is sometimes a more economical decision.

The success rate of IUI depends on many factors such as age, causes of infertility, the impact of fertility drugs, the duration of infertility treatment …

Women who have difficulty getting pregnant may need to use infertility treatments such as medication, artificial insemination, or a combination of the two.

IUI is an artificial insemination method in utero, which can be accompanied by fertility medications.

At that time, the sperm will be washed in a special method before pumping directly into the uterus through a catheter.

Statistics from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) show that pregnancy rates among women receiving IUI are twice as high as those who don’t.

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