SpaceX starship thruster exploded, Musk responded

SpaceX starship thruster exploded, Musk responded: the situation is not very good

Musk’s latest statement is that the situation is not good and the team is assessing the damage.

As planned, the starship plans to conduct its first orbital test as soon as July, sending the test ship named “Ship 24” into a predetermined orbit, and it is unclear whether the accident will change the established schedule.

SpaceX’s factory in Starbase in southern Texas, USA, saw a huge movement. There are reports of an accidental explosion of one of the thrusters of the starship.

After the explosion, a fire broke out near the launch pad; an hour after the accident, flames and smoke can still be seen on the launch pad.

Musk then confirmed that super heavy, the starship’s first stage rocket, had undergone an ignition test.

Although he initially debunked the rumor that it was not an accident, he subsequently deleted the relevant developments.

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