Eating more fat can cause brain atrophy, depression

Eating more fat can cause brain atrophy, depression

They found that mice on a high-fat diet gained a lot of weight, developed insulin resistance, and began to show abnormal symptoms compared to those who were eaten on a standard diet.

Mice with Alzheimer’s suffered from significant cognitive impairment, which had pathological changes in the brain when eating a high-fat diet.

“Obese people have a about 55 percent higher risk of depression, and diabetes doubles that risk.

Our findings highlight the importance of tackling global obesity.

The combination of obesity, advanced age and diabetes is more likely to lead to impaired cognitive abilities, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of mental health disorders,” bobrovskaya said.

Scientists found that a high-fat diet can affect the brain, increasing the risk of anxiety disorders, depression, cognitive decline.

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