Get rid of pancreatic cancer with new therapy

Get rid of pancreatic cancer with new therapy

The mRNA vaccine is just one of many examples of medical advances in the field of cancer prevention and treatment.

This is also clear evidence that basic studies of cell behavior can be converted and applied to patients flexibly.

Brigham, for his part, is delighted with the results of the treatment, hoping pancreatic cancer patients can benefit from potential therapy.

The scientists used mRNA technology to develop a vaccine to treat pancreatic cancer, the same immune-promoting mechanism as the Covid-19 vaccine.

Barbara Brigham had a bad 2020. Her mother died in January of old age, and her husband died in June from cancer.

By September, she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, with a five-year survival rate of just 10%.

Brigham initially accepted the fact that she would soon leave the world, saying she had a “absolutely wonderful” life with her happy family.

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