Common mistakes when treating hypertension

Common mistakes when treating hypertension

There is no need to adjust your lifestyle.

Unscientific diet leads to overweight – obesity, salty eating, sedentary, work pressures, stressful lives, alcohol abuse, smoking … these are risk factors that contribute to hypertension.

Therefore, in addition to taking drugs, the adjustment of diet, lifestyle habits, appropriate physical training supports effective treatment of diseases.

Only change your diet, activities, do not take medicines

On the contrary, some people think that just eating lightly, exercising to lose weight improves hypertension so do not take medicines.

These measures have only an adjunct role, which cannot replace the drug. Patients need to take the drug as prescribed by the doctor combined with lifestyle changes, increased movement, regular visits as prescribed.

Stop the drug when blood pressure is stable, share a prescription, change medicines on your own, do not re-examine … these are mistakes when treating hypertension, causing complications.

Hypertension is common in the elderly, which tend to rejuvenate. This is the cause of many other dangerous diseases such as stroke, heart attack …

According to Cardiology Center to prevent and treat properly, patients should avoid the following mistakes.

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