Methods of using water therapy to recover injuries

Methods of using water therapy to recover injuries

Soaking cold water is indicated to stimulate metabolism, slow the heart rate, relax.

At the beginning of soaking, the shallow vessels will dilate, causing skin redness, creating a pleasant feeling; when soaked for a long time, the skin gradually turns blue and blue again, when out of the pink complexion again.

With this technique, the injured person will first be warmed, then soaked in cold water at a temperature of 10-26.7 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the endurance, it is possible to soak from 4 seconds to 3 minutes. During the soaking process can be combined with rubbing to help.

After soaking must dry and rub hard with a cotton towel.

In some cases, it is not convenient to soak the whole body, it is possible to soak each part, injure the area, soak cold water that area.

Hydrotherapy methods have an effective pain relief effect, however, no pain does not mean that the injury has healed.

Therefore, sports players still need to comply with the doctor’s instructions, should not arbitrarily stop treatment.

Water has the ability to support the treatment of injuries, physical training … help sports players to quickly rehabilitate.

Rehabilitation is a mandatory process in the treatment of injuries, especially for sports players.

Rehabilitation helps patients recover their form as quickly as possible, reducing the risk of chronic complications due to old injuries.

One of the most commonly used rehabilitation physical methods is hydrotherapy, that is, using water to aid in the treatment of trauma.

With good heat and energy retention, water is the ideal environment when it comes to heating or cooling a tissue or a body area.

This is the reason why players or athletes often immerse themselves in ice pools, or soak in the pool for a whole day…

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