Prevention of urinary tract infections in men

Prevention of urinary tract infections in men

Safe sex, especially through, requires the use of condoms. In addition, it is necessary to avoid oil-based lubricants that can tear condoms, instead choose a water-based lubricant that does not contain a spermicide or anesthetic.

Rinse the lower part of the foreskin

This is especially important if the male has not been circumcised. The tissues beneath the foreskin can be the place where bacteria multiply and grow if not cleaned daily.

This is also a way to help prevent urethritis and reduce the risk of infection.

Keep your penis dry.

Wear cotton underwear and replace it daily (or more often if you sweat a lot, suffer from diseases related to circulation in the intestines and bladder).

A damp penis will allow bacteria to enter inside causing urinary tract infections.

Take prostate medications as prescribed by your doctor

Prostate problems that lead to urination are one of the most common causes of URINARY infections in older men.

Therefore, when diagnosed with this disease, follow the right dosage from your doctor to help improve urine flow and reduce the risk of infection.

If prostate medications do not work, consult a specialist.

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