Increased fat causes decreased desire in men

Increased fat causes decreased desire in men

Men need to focus on adding essences such as eurycoma longifolia, the French sea pine extract that is believed to help the body produce testosterone and endogenous nitric oxide on its own.

These two hormones help increase desire and the dilated artery walls to facilitate blood flow to the penis, while limiting fat formation, strengthening muscle mass.

Ocean oyster essence promotes metabolism, which is considered to help promote sexual health for men.

The increase in excess fat negatively affects the sex life of men, typically causing erectile dysfunction, impotence.

Increasing excess fat can cause many serious pathologies, greatly affecting health. This condition also adversely affects the sex life of men.

According to a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine, with 2,435 male patients in Italy participating, levels of overweight and obesity were correlated with testosterone depletion.

The more severe the overweight and obesity, the lower the testosterone levels in the study participants.

People with low testosterone levels will have impaired fertility and face a high risk of prostate cancer.

This is because overweight and obese men often have metabolic disorders, which leads to a decline in testosterone levels and an increase in estrogen levels.

The imbalance causes men to reduce sexual desire, cause erectile dysfunction and decrease the ability to give birth.

This is also the cause of small artery blockages, affecting the pumping of blood, causing the erection process of the penis to encounter many obstacles, easily leading to impotence.

In addition, problems related to overweight and obesity such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes mellitus can prevent blood from flowing to parts of the body, including the penis, thereby affecting erections.

Overweight and obesity are also directly related to sperm quality. Men on a high-fat diet had 35% less sperm count than those who were in a healthy state with a balanced diet.

Excessive fat gain also causes men to suffer from penile burying syndrome. This is a condition in which the penis is buried under the folds of the skin when too fat.

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