What is facial blindness syndrome?

What is facial blindness syndrome?

Experts believed there was currently no treatment for the condition, but there were ways to control it.

People with facial blindness often focus on traits such as hair color, walking style, or voice to distinguish people.

Neurologists often diagnose this syndrome through a series of tests aimed at assessing a person’s ability to remember and recognize faces.

This can be a lengthy process, as doctors often try very hard to make sure facial blindness is not a manifestation of a widespread neurodegenerative condition.

Many people with the condition, such as Brad Pitt, will not be formally diagnosed.

“His obstacles, the problems he encountered are atypical. It’s hard to understand,” Dr. Stojic said.

Facial blindness prevents many people, including actor Brad Pitt, from recognizing the faces of himself, family members and friends, from distinguishing faces from objects.

In a recent interview, Actor Brad Pitt shared that he suffers from a rare plant neurosis, often referred to as “face blindness”.

The actor said he struggled for years because he couldn’t recognize people’s faces. In 2013, the condition became so severe that Brad Pitt wanted to be alone at home.

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