8 signs your body is deficient in nutrients

8 signs your body is deficient in nutrients

The body is prone to bruising, long-healed wounds are a common sign of vitamin C deficiency.

This is a substance that plays an important role in the body’s metabolism.

Vitamin C deficiency can slow the rate of collagen formation, weak blood vessels.

People who lack vitamin C are prone to fatigue, reducing overall energy consumption.

Hair loss of more than 100 strands per day, unexplained fatigue, the appearance of bruises on the skin … it is a manifestation of the body’s lack of iron, vitamins.

According to Dr. Tricia L. Psota, a lecturer in the Milken School of Public Health at George Washington University, the lack of nutrients changes the function and metabolism of the body.

These processes include: water balance, nerve signals, digestion, metabolism.

Nutrient deficiencies also lead to many diseases. For example, calcium deficiency, vitamin D causes osteoporosis, insufficient iron can cause anemia, depletion of energy. Here’s how to recognize the lack of nutrients in the body.

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