Back pain – warning signs of body instability

Low back pain - warning signs of body instability

Low back pain – warning signs of body instability

More and more research shows that regular activity is key to the treatment and prevention of back pain.

Taking the initiative in exercise reduced the risk of back pain compared to passive exercises prescribed by doctors such as support belts and orthopedic splints.

Experts say mindfulness meditation is also effective in relieving low back pain, especially in the chronic stage.

The meta-analysis, published in the journal Pain Medicine, found that meditation is a safe and effective method for controlling pain, reducing pain intensity and improving overall quality of life, Alles Europa News reports.

Many experts also claim that proper diaphragm breathing exercises are the foundation of all treatment and prevention programs for back pain.

Deep breathing helps to reposition the ribs and pelvis, reducing pressure on the spine.

The exercises also calm the stress response by activating the “rest and recovery” state of the nervous system.

Low back pain indicates that the body lacks movement, has a bad breathing posture, or suffers from chronic stress.

According to research by the International Pain Association in 2020, up to 577 million people worldwide experience low back pain.

The condition is more common than any other problem, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

Acute low back pain can make it difficult for people to move for days, even weeks.

Most cases of back pain are not so severe, 90% improve over time without surgery, the American Society of Neurosurgeons said.

However, this condition sometimes signals larger problems of the body.

Many back pain stems from mechanics and bad breathing posture.

Since the skeleton is attached to the spine and the main groups of breathing muscles such as the diaphragm, bad posture can affect the spine, leading to back pain.

The belt is structured stably, less portable. So when the hips are tight and lack the ability to rotate, the body compensates with the activity of the lower back when people twist themselves.

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