Brazilian sniper killed in bombing in Ukraine

Brazilian sniper killed in bombing in Ukraine

Brazilian model and sniper killed in bombing in Ukraine

Thalita do Valle lived in Kurdistan and through videos she shared on YouTube or TikTok, the 39-year-old shared what her life and day to day were like now that she defended Ukraine from Russian attacks.

Although she was a prominent model in her native country, during her youth she was a lifeguard and even participated in a mission against the Islamic State in Kurdistan, something she told on her YouTube channel.

It was there that she received training to be a sniper. “He received training and did the necessary courses to go to the front line.

However, when he entered the Kurdish army he specialized in precision shooting, with long weapons.

Thalita was from the women’s army and integrated a front line with elite snipers,” her brother told several media outlets.

Thalita do Valle was a Brazilian model, as well as a sniper who was in Ukraine fighting on behalf of this country in the conflict she has had for several months with Russia, but unfortunately the 39-year-old woman lost her life in a bombing.

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