Prince William has a clear plan: As soon as he begins to rule, he will cut off some members

Prince William has a clear plan: As soon as he begins to rule, he will cut off some members

Another significant change for Prince William as king will be greater communication with the public. “Prince William believes the monarchy simply needs to be better at explaining its role in the world,” a source close to him said.

At the same time, the Duke believes that the public is running out of patience with how little the royal family communicates with people about important things. “This worked for the queen, who had it well thought out.

The Queen has a well-thought-out communication, but William wants to make a few changes so that the people can get closer to the royal family and have more insight,” said a person close to Prince William.

Although he will sit on the throne for a very long time, he clearly wants to be properly prepared for the big task.

Although Queen Elizabeth II is still at the head of the British monarchy and her successor is Prince Charles, it will be his son Prince William’s turn one day.

While this is music of the distant future for now, the Duke of Cambridge is already planning how he will reorganize the monarchy once he takes the throne.

Prince William is among the public’s most adored members of the British royal family.

But it is very likely that his popularity will drop at least among his relatives the moment he becomes king.

Like his father, William wants to “slim down” the monarchy, and several of its working members want to remove their positions.

A source close to him spoke to the Daily Mail.

Prince Andrew will be the first to go out of the round

At first glance, it might seem that the most problematic members of the British royal family are Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

But a much worse light on the monarchy is cast by Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, who has long been investigated for allegedly raping an underage girl.

No wonder, then, that he will be the first to go out of the round, whether under Prince Charles or Prince William.

But William wants to deprive others of their positions as well. In other royal families, it is quite common for most of their members to have regular jobs and do not live on taxpayers’ money.

And that’s exactly what Prince William wants to achieve.

Only a handful of its members will be able to retain their position as a worker in the service of the British royal family.

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