British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns

The recent government crisis in Westminster was triggered by an affair involving Johnson’s party colleague Chris Pincher, who is accused of sexual harassment.

Previously, it had emerged that Johnson knew about the allegations against Pincher before he elevated him to an important faction office.

However, his spokesman had previously denied this several times.

London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is resigning, according to media reports.

This was reported by several British media on Thursday, including the BBC. Johnson, however, wants to remain head of government until autumn, according to the BBC.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to resign from his post as Tory party leader.

This was reported by the BBC on Thursday, citing government circles. He would soon lose his office as head of government. Johnson’s office in Downing Street announces a speech by the Prime Minister. He will address the nation later in the day.

Earlier, the new British Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi had called for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson only 36 hours after his appointment.

“It will only get worse: for you, for the Conservative Party and above all for the whole country,” Zahavi tweeted on Thursday.

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