Nearly 300,000 tenants suffer from new housing benefit system in Rotterdam

Nearly 300,000 tenants suffer from new housing benefit system in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Young people actually benefit

Most tenants are improving. According to the calculations, there are 1 million.

As a result of the new system, they receive an average of 63 euros more supplement and in the best case even 292 euros per month.

This windfall also comes in five steps during the transition period.

Especially many young people benefit, because they already receive the full allowance at the age of 21 and no longer the limited for young people. Now tenants only get that higher allowance from the age of 23.

Standard rent

In the new system, the real rent starting point for the rent allowance is no longer the real starting point, but a so-called standard amount. Three standard amounts have been set.

For young people up to the age of 21 it is 442.46 euros, for tenants older than 21 years it is 520 euros and for large families (more than eight people) and for people with disabilities and an adapted home, it is 597 euros.

If the actual rent is lower, then the higher standard amount is the starting point and the tenant therefore benefits. But if the standard amount is lower than the actual rent, a tenant will suffer.

The rent allowance is the standard amount minus the amount that you have to pay yourself in rent, also known as the personal contribution.

Tenants with a surcharge already pay this personal contribution. The amount depends on the income. It is also the intention that the personal contribution for everyone will be increased by 4 euros.

According to the government, the new system is not an austerity operation. Currently, about 1.5 million people receive rent allowance and an amount of 4 billion euros per year is involved.

The new system will cost 300 million euros more.

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