Shooting ‘adds fuel to the fire’ tensions in the U.S.

Shooting 'adds fuel to the fire' tensions in United States of America

Shooting ‘adds fuel to the fire’ tensions in United States of America

The U.S. is going through a precarious time, with fears of an economic downturn likely to occur at any time and the Highland Park shootings continuing to weigh on the sentiment of residents who have witnessed a recent spate of shootings at Texas elementary schools or New York supermarkets.

Political and social divisions in the U.S. intensified after the Supreme Court decided to overturn a ruling on abortion rights and repeal a law restricting people from carrying guns in New York’s public places.

Still, many Americans want to set aside all anxiety and insecurity to celebrate the first mass-gathering in three years, as anti-epidemic restrictions ease.

This year’s annual Hot Dog Eating Contest in the U.S. is also held again in the traditional location in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood, after two years of being held elsewhere because of the pandemic.

Colorful fireworks displays are also planned to light up the night sky from New York, Seattle, Chicago to Dallas.

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