Foods that easily cause oily skin, acne

Foods that easily cause oily skin, acne

Artificially sweet foods – Promotes insulin secretion and the production of IGF-1 hormones, which are the main causes of acne, artificially sweet foods all produce them. Artificially sweet foods you should limit eating to avoid causing pimples including candy, ice cream …

According to nutritionists and dermatologists, fast food, dairy products, sugar, chocolate and fried foods all have the ability to contribute to the formation of wrinkles, oily skin, acne on the skin.

Eating meat with high saturated fat content can contribute to the formation of acne.

This is because meat is associated with high levels of insulin growth factor, insulin growth factor that stimulates the production of androgen hormones that stimulate an increase in sebum production and eventually the formation of acne.

Experts recommend eating chicken, fish and turkey for protein supplements instead of greasy pieces of meat. This will help limit pimples, causing skin aging.

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