A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A group of heroes belonging to the Rebel Alliance have the dangerous mission of recovering the plans of the space station known as the Death Star, a technological terror with the ability to destroy an entire planet with a single shot that can end up tipping the scales for the side of the Intergalactic Empire. Duration: 2h 13m.

Star Wars as a whole totals 11 titles and each of them lasts more than two hours so watching them all means being in front of the TV one day.

The length of Star Wars is an important number if we consider the 11 live action films of the most successful intergalactic franchise in history.

Today these titles are present in Disney+ to be enjoyed, even in the longest of the possible marathons that will take you to a world where The Force can move objects, spaceships are a reality and there is even a station with the ability to destroy entire planets.

In this context we can analyze the duration of Star Wars and its 11 films that emerged from the restless imagination of that particular genius known as George Lucas, a man who knew how to make history revolutionizing the way of making cinema on more than one occasion and giving shape to this story that follows the mythology of the hero’s path facing light against darkness.

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