Luka Modric: “It is possible that in a few years Mbappé will play for Real Madrid”

Although this year it did not happen, Luka Modric does not rule out that in the future Kylian Mbappé will wear the colors of Real Madrid, because for the Croatian the political influence had to do with the decision of the Frenchman to stay at Paris Saint-Germain.

And it is that in talk with the media, Modric said that despite the disappointment he caused this summer towards the fans, things can start from scratch and that at some point Mbappé dresses in white.

“It is possible that in a few years Mbappe will come. According to the football logic, which was valid until the pressure of the socio-political environments and of interest in Paris,” Modric commented.

“Mbappe would probably follow his old desire to play for Real Madrid. As much as it may seem now, especially in disillusioned fans, that ties were broken, things can happen again.”

The Croatian concluded that the decision to stay at PSG of the young man of the French National Team is valid and he will have to live with it.

“Mbappe decided what he decided, that is his right and now he lives with that decision. We all thought it would come with us, it didn’t happen and now what? Well we’re not going to crucify him,” Luka Modric concluded.

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