Ukraine : Making the Ukrainian army a modern army

Ukraine demands them: Only these NATO weapons can back off the Russians

Ukraine demands them: Only these NATO weapons can back off the Russians

“Our goal is to enable the Ukrainian army to move from Soviet to modern times,” Norwegian NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in Madrid.

Ukraine can count on its allies for as long as it is needed.”

However, it is difficult to see in the Alliance’s announcements of military aid what will make the difference on the ground.

No heavy equipment, but individual defense equipment, telecommunications infrastructure and anti-drone instruments.

There is no question, for NATO, of appearing collectively as a supplier of heavy weapons to Kiev.

It is up to each member of the Alliance to assume this responsibility and draw on its own arsenal.

American Javelin portable anti-tank missiles, French Caesar guns, Turkish Bayraktar drones…

Drawn from NATO’s arsenal, these weapons are essential to stand up to the Russian army in Ukraine. Provided they are delivered in sufficient quantity…

At the recent Eurosatory arms fair in Paris, he enthroned in majesty. Placed just at the entrance of the stand of the French Ministry of Defense, the Caesar gun, mounted on a truck, served as a gondola head for the “Made in France” arms manufacturers.

Logic. Twelve examples of this 155 mm gun, capable of firing six shells per minute from more than 40 kilometers away, are now deployed on the front in Ukraine. Six others were promised by Emmanuel Macron.

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