“Rescue” operation to help passengers stranded on the CGN

“La Suisse”, flagship of the shipping company, experienced a breakdown offshore on Wednesday.

It immediately chartered a Navibus shuttle to pick up the passengers and bring them ashore at the Lausanne-Ouchy stop.

They arrived there around 2:10 p.m. and were greeted by the Director General of the CGN, Andreas Bergmann, who had wanted to meet them.

“Switzerland” was coming out of a period of major revision. It should be able to resume service this week, after a full check.

The incident is not serious, but it forced the Compagnie générale de navigation sur le Léman (CGN) to organize a “rescue” operation, to repatriate the hundred passengers stranded on “La Suisse” off Vevey (VD), Wednesday, around noon.

A supply gasket of the boiler of the flagship of the Belle-Epoque fleet of the CGN gave way, which caused the machine to stop, the company said.

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