Bandidos group shot a member of the Hells Angels in Switzerland

A Bandido gets 8 years in prison, the police keep watch in Switzerland

A third Bandido, a 34-year-old Austrian who was accused of hitting a Bronco in the head with an electric cable, took 3 and a half years in prison and will then be deported from the country for eight years.

A total of 22 bikers were in the dock. Of the other 19, they were all either given suspended prison terms for participating in the brawl or acquitted, for five of them (two Broncos, two Bandidos and a member of the Hells Angels).

The court makes its decisions concerning the various accused. An important security service has been set up.

Will the brawl that broke out in Belp in 2019 create another in Bern in 2022? This is what the police fear, who have set up a large security system around the Court, which delivers its verdicts this Thursday morning.

At the beginning of the trial, fights broke out.

The main defendant of the Bandidos group, aged 37 and who had shot a member of the Hells Angels has just been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Another member of the Bandidos, who was accused of having planted a knife in the back of a member of the Broncos, was sentenced to 8 months for his participation in the brawl, far from the requisition of the Public Prosecutor’s Office which requires 8 and a half years, as noted by the local media.

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