Strengthened American military presence throughout Europe

Strengthened American military presence throughout Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin “wanted a ‘Finlandisation’ of Europe”, that is to say an evolution of the member countries of the Alliance towards the position of neutrality that has historically been that of the Nordic country, but he obtains on the contrary a “‘NATOisation’ of Europe”, welcomed Joe Biden.

Finland, historically non-aligned, as well as Sweden are indeed preparing to join NATO, after the lifting on Tuesday night of Turkey’s veto, while the Alliance has displayed an almost flawless unity since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

The United States will “strengthen its military position in Europe,” US President Joe Biden said Wednesday in Madrid. Nato will thus be able to “respond to threats from all directions and in all areas: land, air and sea”

At a summit of the Military Alliance “that marks history”, according to him, he announced a reinforced presence of US military and capabilities in Spain, Poland, Romania, the Baltic States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

“We are at the rendezvous” and “we prove that NATO is more necessary than ever,” said the US president, alongside the secretary general of the organization, Jens Stoltenberg.

In detail, he recalled that the United States had already deployed this year “20,000 additional military personnel in Europe to reinforce our lines in response to Russia’s aggressive initiatives”.

Joe Biden then confirmed that Washington would increase the number of its destroyers from 4 to 6 at the Rota naval base in Spain.