The Queen Elizabeth II. showed a new montage

Wow, that's a change. The Queen Elizabeth II. showed a new montage

Wow, that’s a change. The Queen Elizabeth II. showed a new montage

A short haircut has been worn by the British monarch almost all her life. No one expects any drastic changes from her, and given her position, this would be extremely inappropriate.

Protocol is protocol, and the Queen knows very well that it is mainly to represent, not shock.

But after celebrating her jubilee, Elizabeth II surprised and appeared with a new hairstyle.

In the photos the palace posted on Instagram, it can be seen that she is heavily haircut, especially on the sides and back.

Similar changes are quite rare in the queen.

But the snow-white waves from the filming remained, and Elizabeth II now resembles

With a new hairstyle on her head, she met the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, 66, and the Governor of New South Wales, Margaret Beazley, at Windsor Castle.

Whether the new haircut was praised, the royal palace unfortunately did not say.

The Queen will remain in the Scottish capital until Friday. In the center, the palace will be enlivened by a garden party, the roles of the hosts will be taken by Edward and Sophie.

Part of the festivities is the presentation of awards to the people of Scotland, who have significantly contributed to the development of society.

The monarch arrived on the occasion of the week-long celebration of Scottish traditions and culture Holyrood Week. Her participation was confirmed by the palace only this morning.

Smiling, in a light blue suit and leaning on a cane, the Queen was photographed in front of Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh, the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland.

In a traditional ceremony, she received the keys to the city on a red velvet pillow. Then, as tradition preaches, she returned the city government to express her confidence in him.

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