Africa CEO Forum 2022: paving the way for sustainable growth

Africa CEO Forum 2022: paving the way for sustainable growth

In the conference rooms, the link between the private and public sectors is evident. To move forward, one cannot go without the other.

This was recognized in particular by the mining industry players present at the ACF, trying to obtain both the support of their counterparts in “green” energies and that of the authorities with the power to influence regulation.

“The public and private sectors must work together to secure the funds and investments needed to develop this green industry and renewable energy,” said the head of an energy multinational.

He added: “But all these funds will not be released without appropriate national strategies that ensure a concrete result for international institutions and investors.”

The assertion is similar in agribusiness, as evidenced by this remark by Cameroonian Kate Fotso, CEO of Telcar Cocoa:

“Africa is a potential. The realization of the continent’s economic sovereignty calls on all of us, not just politicians, to take concrete steps that move Africa in that direction, and that starts with a change in mindsets. »

For its 10 years, and after two years of absence due to the pandemic, the largest meeting of the African private sector focused on the means to be implemented to create more wealth while defending the sovereignty of the continent.

“Time is of the essence.” It is on this sentence that ifc CEO Makhtar Diop began his speech at the opening ceremony of the8th edition of the Africa CEO Forum (ACF), on June 13, in Abidjan.

In front of an assembly of more than 1,800 participants, delighted at the idea of finding themselves – in the flesh – after more than two years of a virtual disappearance of this kind of events of this kind, the Senegalese did not take a roundabout path to recall the context of crises (health, food, climate …) the consequences of which the continent must face.

He stressed the need to accelerate cooperation between public and private actors, particularly in three priority sectors: food, housing and financial inclusion.

And this same message of urgency, the leader hammered it again at the end of the forum, the next day, when the curtain fell on more than forty-eight hours of exchanges within the emblematic Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire.

“This is a watershed moment for Africa, as the continent must reinvent its future,” he said.

A few minutes before him, Amir Ben Yahmed, president and founder of the ACF and CEO of Jeune Afrique Media Group*, depicted the paradigm shift:

“The world is becoming multipolar. This is a historic opportunity, which must allow Africa to gain its autonomy.

In a complex environment, it has become imperative and relevant to put in place development strategies to return to African growth. Let Africa seize its economic sovereignty in full hands.

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