The Spanish justice closes the case against Podemos

The Spanish justice closes the case against Podemos for the testimony of "Pollo Carvajal"

The Spanish justice closes the case against Podemos for the testimony of “Pollo Carvajal”

The former head of Military Counterintelligence in the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro declared after being arrested that companies such as Viu Comunicaciones were cover to finance Podemos, and that Monedero received funds from the Venezuelan Government for fictitious advisory work through the oil company.

The Spanish Justice filed on Monday the case on the alleged irregular financing of the left-wing formation Podemos, coalition partners in the Spanish Government, opened following the confessions of former Chavista general Hugo Carvajal, after his arrest in Madrid claimed by the United States for drug trafficking.

The National High Court admitted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office that demanded the closure of the investigations, although it proposes to focus the case, which is under summary secrecy, towards other crimes or that it be sent to the Court of Auditors, the body in charge of auditing the accounts and economic management of the State and the public sector.

In the opinion of the magistrates, the account of the so-called “Pollo Carvajal” and the protected witnesses that he proposed do not have the sufficient entity to open an investigation into the financing of Podemos, since the inquiries were directed to dates before the crime of party financing was legislated in the Spanish Criminal Code in 2015.

Last March, the National Court rejected that the Police investigate the alleged payments that, according to the former head of Venezuelan intelligence, imprisoned in Spain, the Government of Venezuela made to previous leaders of Podemos.

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