Debate on the impeachment of Guillermo in Ecuador

Ecuador: the debate continues on the impeachment of Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador: the debate continues on the impeachment of Guillermo Lasso

Lasso blames the “chaos” in the country on the president of the powerful Conaie, Leonidas Iza.

Here there is no social fighter, here is an anarchist who wants to overthrow a government,” the right-wing president said in an interview with CNN.

With his traditional red poncho and black hat, Iza responded on Sunday:

“We are fully aware that these days of struggle have generated shortages.

If the government hadn’t gotten so foolish, we probably wouldn’t have been here for so many days.”

Iza spoke publicly in front of different indigenous organizations and celebrated that, in these 14 days of national strike, they have managed to “overthrow” the decrees of state of emergency.

However, the indigenous leader noted that the central demands have not yet been met.

“The issue of fuels is not resolved, the financial issue is not solved, the mining oil problem is not solved, the problem of low prices of peasant products is not resolved,” said Iza, ratifying that peaceful protests will continue in different parts of Ecuador.

The Congress of Ecuador debated this Sunday for the second consecutive day the possibility of removing President Guillermo Lasso, accused by an opposition sector of provoking “the internal commotion” that leave two weeks of indigenous protests with at least five dead, 166 injured and 123 arrests.

On Saturday night Lasso repealed the state of emergency imposed in six provinces of the country seeking to decompress the conflict, although from the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) indicate that the government still does not respond to the main demands and call to continue occupying the streets.

After almost eight hours of deliberations on Saturday, in which 32 of the 137 deputies that make up the Parliament participated, the virtual session was postponed to Sunday afternoon, so it was presumed that the session would extend beyond midnight.