Russians shelled the base in Yavoriv near the Polish border

The Russians shelled the base in Javoriv near the Polish border

The Russians shelled the base in Yavoriv near the Polish border

Yavoriv is a city in the Lviv region of western Ukraine, about 15 kilometers from the Polish border.

Fighting near Severodonetsk is now focused on the adjacent city of Lysychansk, which Russian forces managed to block from the south, according to Moscow’s announcement on Friday.

Reuters reported today, citing a pro-Russian rebel official, that it would take another week and a half for the Russian military to gain control of Lysychansk.

According to the Ukrainian side, the withdrawal from Severodonetsk does not mean a loss, as Moscow has failed in its plan to conquer the eastern Donbass by May 9.

Britain’s Defence Ministry also said today that Russia was likely to have withdrawn several generals from key operational positions this month.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson then expressed concern that because of the economic consequences of the war for Europe, Ukraine, under international pressure, would be forced to make peace with Russia on terms that would not be advantageous to it.

“Too many countries are saying that this is a European war that is not necessary… so there will be mounting pressure that may force the Ukrainians to a bad peace,” Johnson told reporters today in the Rwandan capital of Kigali, where he is attending a Summit of the British Commonwealth.

In addition to Yavoriv, which lies about 20 kilometers from the Polish border, according to a report by the Ukrainian General Staff, early this morning Russian troops continued to shell the village of Desna in the Chernihiv region, where the Ukrainian army training center is located.

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