Pakistani plane lands in Afghanistan with earthquake aid

Pakistani plane lands in Afghanistan with earthquake aid

Neighboring Pakistan was frequently accused of harboring Taliban fighters before they seized power in Afghanistan in August last year after the United States withdrew after a 20-year war.

Since they have been in government, Islamabad has pressured the world to come into contact with the religious Afghan government.

A Pakistani armed forces cargo plane carrying supplies for people affected by Afghanistan’s earthquake landed Saturday at the airport in the city of Jost, officials said.

Thousands of people were injured or homeless by the earthquake in eastern Afghanistan, which state media said left 1,150 people dead.

Among those killed by the magnitude 6 earthquake on Wednesday are 121 children, and that number is expected to rise, the UNICEF representative in Afghanistan said.

He said about 70 children were injured.

Survivor Dawlat Khan from Gayan district in Paktika province said five members of his family were injured and his house was destroyed during the quake.

“We face a lot of problems. We need all kinds of support, and we ask the international community and the Afghans who can help to come and help us,” he said.

Mansur Ahmad Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the Afghan capital of Kabul, said aid supplies sent Saturday by Pakistan were delivered to Taliban officials.

“It was our duty to help our Afghan brothers at this difficult time,” he said.