Czechs volunteers faces an exceptional punishment on Ukraine

Czechs looting in Ukraine. The NCOZ is examining two war volunteers, they face an exceptional punishment

Czechs looting in Ukraine. The NCOZ is examining two war volunteers, they face an exceptional punishment

Ukraine is fighting over who will be more desperate. Russia also has huge problems, says the expert

According to information from the Castle on May 11, President Miloš Zeman allowed 103 Czechs to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He did not comply with two hundred other requests.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) agreed with Zeman at the beginning of March that people who leave to fight for Ukraine can guarantee impunity by abolition.

Czech volunteers joined the fighting in Ukraine, which has been facing Russian aggression since February 24, apparently a month after the outbreak of the conflict.

At the end of March, images appeared that captured some of them in Irpini near Kiev.

The National Centre Against Organized Crime (NCOZ) suspects two Czech volunteers of looting in a war zone around Kiev. They were members of the battalion of the Ukrainian army Carpathian Sich, which fought near the capital with the Russian army.

If guilty, they face up to 20 years in prison or even an exceptional sentence. Both are already in the Czech Republic, the Ukrainian police released them without charge. However, the case continues to be investigated by Czech criminologists.

The case was first brought to the attention of the Seznam Zprávy server.

The suspicion of looting was reported directly by the Carpathian Sich battalion. According to the battalion’s lawyer, Olena Rozvadovská, the soldiers found, for example, women’s jewellery or children’s ornaments in the Czech youths, together up to half a kilogram of silver and gold.

One of the volunteers confessed to looting, according to the lawyer.

“They found some things in me, like a military cap, it just ended up among the things I was taking. And some crap that was there, little things that don’t even have value.

Some pins in a vest…,” he said in the video. According to him, the soldiers beat him several times and kept him in the cellar of the Indian Embassy in Kiev. The second Czech denied guilt.

The battalion handed over the two Czechs to the Ukrainian police in the Shevchenkov district. One of them claimed that the soldiers robbed him, for example, of his passport.

A diplomatic source confirmed to the Czech had received a new temporary passport. They were reportedly released after signing documents proving that the Ukrainian police had not harmed them in any way.

According to Anna Zubrevova, a spokeswoman for the local police, the case was also dealt with by the Ukrainian civilian counterintelligence agency SBU. However, she did not respond to a request for comment from the server.

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