Yellow nail syndrome is a rare disorder, characterized by symptoms

Yellow nail syndrome is a rare disorder, characterized by symptoms: slow-growing nails and toenails or deformities; lymphedema, swelling of the buttocks and respiratory diseases.

Common symptoms:

Common symptoms of people with yellow nail syndrome include: yellow, hard and excessively curved nails or toenails, no or delay in nail development, hard skin on the edges and under the nails, nail infections, separation of nails from nail beds.

Some breathing problems that can occur are: Persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, pneumonia, sinusitis,…

Risk factors:

Family history

Over 50 years old

People with immunodeficiency conditions

Complications of yellow nail syndrome

Mental stress because of shame.

Respiratory system infection

Pneumothorax or collapse of the lungs.
Fluid accumulates in the genital organs.
Vision problems
Intellectual disabilities
Treatments for nail yellow syndrome

Treatment of yellow nail syndrome is carried out depending on the patient’s symptoms. Some treatments may include:

Antibiotic therapy: To treat respiratory infections, sinusitis or mucus production.

Take vitamin E: To treat changes on the nails or reduce the yellow color of the nails.
Corticosteroids: Improves inflammation or swelling.

Surgery: Treatment of respiratory problems such as pleural effusion (fluid buildup in the lungs).

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