The U.S accuses Russia of laying mines to block Ukraine port

The U.S accuses Russia of laying mines to block Ukraine port

President Joe Biden says the United States is in discussions with European allies about the possibility of building a series of grain storages along the Polish-Ukrainian border.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday also called for “long-term efforts to develop available land routes” for Ukrainian grain exports.

But analysts say the construction or upgrading of alternative shipping routes could help Ukraine increase exports of some of its stranded grain, which is not enough to meet global food demand.

On the other hand, the next crop is about to harvest, with tens of millions of tons of food to be added to the stockpile, not giving them time to do this.

U.S. intelligence says the Russian navy has been ordered to lay mines in the northwestern Black Sea and block Ukrainian ports to prevent grain exports.

“The United States has information that russia’s Black Sea Fleet has been ordered to blockade the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Ochakiv,” a U.S. intelligence official said on June 23.

“We can confirm that despite Russia’s claim not to lay mines in the northwestern Black Sea, it is doing this near Ochakiv. “We also noticed signs that Russia had sprayed mines on the Dnieper River.”

U.S. intelligence officials said Russia’s minelaying crippled trade in the northern Black Sea region, “making the waters unsafe for maritime traffic.”

“Ukraine’s seaborne exports are critical to global food security,” the official said. “Ukraine ranks 10th among wheat exporters, about 95 percent of which leaves the country through ports in the Black Sea.”

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