The Queen has enjoyed riding horses since she was a child.

Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed riding horses since she was a child.

Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed riding horses since she was a child.

During the Platinum Jubilee, the Queen pledged to continue serving as monarch “to the best of her ability with the support of her family.”

Her children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward (with the exception of Prince Andrew), will join the Duchess of Wessex – Edward’s wife – in place of the Queen for public events.

Queen Elizabeth II surprised doctors by starting to return to horseback after nine months of being advised to pause her hobby.

“The Queen is enjoying herself sitting on horseback again. This is a great sign after concerns about her health.

To be able to do that at the age of 96 is remarkable,” a source from Windsor Castle told The Sun.

“The Queen has missed the feeling of riding a horse for the past nine months.”

The Queen used to sit on horseback at trooping the colour parade, but in recent years the role has been taken on by other members of the British Royal Family.

The head of the royal family has enjoyed horseback riding since being given a pony at the age of three in 1929.

She has been a dedicated racehorse owner and breeder throughout her adult life. Buckingham Palace said the Queen hoped to make the annual trip to Scotland for Holyrood Week, but a final decision would be made in due course.

This month is a critical time for Queen Elizabeth II, as a series of Events of the Great Platinum Ceremony, marking the 70th anniversary of her reign in the throne, is held.

However, travel problems prevented her from attending in person. The Queen also often appears with the cane in a number of royal activities.

She was also seen sitting in a golf cart to walk her corgis. However, after meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at Windsor Castle on June 21 without the help of a cane, the Queen’s health appears to be progressing.

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