Messi’s 35th birthday: Broken tradition, family trip and Antonela Roccuzzo’s message

Lionel Messi's 35th birthday: Broken tradition, family trip and Antonela Roccuzzo's message

Lionel Messi’s 35th birthday: Broken tradition, family trip and Antonela Roccuzzo’s message

Messi’s astral chart: what do the stars say before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

According to the Astrolink platform, Lionel Messi’s astrological chart presents a particularity that makes us believe in good omens for the World Cup event.

Specifically, the Flea has sun in Cancer with ascendant in Aquarius, something that combined with the entry of Jupiter into Aries makes us expect “great achievements of Messi this year”.

This is because he will live his “third return from Jupiter, a propitious moment for great achievements that will mark his professional career”.

On the other hand, the stars also seem to indicate a substantial change in his life:

“Pluto’s entry into Aquarius next year will shake his ascendant, which may encourage him to transform and start a new chapter in his life.” The goodbye to the Argentine National Team? We will have to wait to find out…

Lionel Messi and his personal life according to his astrological chart

Apart from the World Cup, according to Astrolink, Lionel Messi’s astral chart denotes that “he knew how to balance very well his most extroverted side, typical of an air sign, from the development of his natural gifts, highly valued in football, and his most introverted side, typical of a water sign, being a very reserved person and connected with his intimate life”.

Regarding his strong family ties, the Flea’s astral chart also explains that the footballer “identifies with a focused person who knows well what he wants and does not abandon his desires.”

Lionel Messi turns 35 today. He was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Santa Fe. His full name is Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini.

It is a completely different year for the star of world football because the celebration for his 35 years finds him in Ibiza, as a family and enjoying his achievements.

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