How to properly care for a child with dengue fever at home

How to properly care for a child with dengue fever at home

Doctor reveals the secret to helping children get less sick

Dengue is a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes and caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms generally begin three to fourteen days after infection.

Avoid using foods that are black and red because when the child vomits, it is difficult to distinguish whether there is a hemorrhage or not.

Bathe, clean the child normally, do not abstain. Take your child to the doctor’s appointment.

Experts also recommends that there is currently no vaccine to prevent the disease. Therefore, the only method for preventing the disease is not to let mosquitoes bite to transmit the disease.

Therefore, do not create an environment for mosquitoes to breed, do not let mosquitoes bite.

Currently, the southern provinces are starting to enter the rainy season, so the number of people with dengue fever is constantly increasing.

Therefore, when children have fever, parents need to pay attention to the state of health, recognize in time to go to the hospital for treatment.

Experts believed that there are many mosquitoes in the mosquito community and there are also many types, not all cases of mosquito bites also have dengue fever.

Only zebra mosquitoes (bodies and legs with black and white stripes) and who have pricked an infected person will transmit the disease to the person bitten by mosquitoes.