The harmful effects of insomnia on human health

The harmful effects of insomnia on human health

Memory impairment – Not getting enough sleep puts the central nervous system under stress, affecting brain function.

Lack of sleep can lead to memory impairment, people are always in a difficult situation to concentrate.

People need about 8 hours of sleep a day for their minds to function properly and their bodies to remain healthy. Lack of sleep can cause many serious health problems.

Obesity – Sleep disorders will increase the amount of hormones Ghrelin and Leptin that stimulate appetite, increase fat production and gain weight. People who lose sleep tend to feel hungry and expend more energy than those who are well rested.

Weak immune system – During sleep, the human body strengthens the immune system by producing more antibodies against bacteria and toxins.

When insomnia, the production of antibodies against infection decreases, the body’s immunity also decreases. Therefore, insomnia is susceptible to diseases related to breathing, lungs.

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