Eating at night may increase risk of stroke, sleep apnea

Eating at night may increase risk of stroke, sleep apnea

Researchers around the world have said that symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux will cause sleep apnea.

Eating dinner late also causes blood sugar levels to rise and cholesterol levels that can cause strokes.

That’s why experts recommend not eating too much food at dinner. It is especially recommended to eat before 06.00pm or 3 hours before bedtime.

According to experts, when eating at night will cause the body not to rest, gradually the authorities are affected leading to fatigue, suffering from many related pathologies. In particular, people who eat at night can have a stroke.

According to American nutritionists, many people often have feelings of hunger at night and discomfort leading to innocent eating. However, it is these night eating habits that will seriously affect health.

Easy to cause obesity weight gain

According to the biological principles of the body, when eating at night food will not be consumed and absorbed immediately but will accumulate, if eaten and go to bed, the weight will increase a lot faster and obesity will also increase.

Difficulty sleeping, insomnia

Biologically, when dusk falls, the body turns on rest mode. When a person eats late at night, it disturbs sleep and disturbs the body’s biological clock, causing the body to increase its activity at night.

As a result, it is easy to cause insomnia,cholesterol. Therefore, nutritionists give advice, if you feel hungry, you should eat snacks such as oats, skim milk, limit eating hot spicy foods, high protein or use stimulants.

Reflux stomach acid

The night meal is over, most people will tend to lie down right away, which leads to acid reflux that causes chest pain. Therefore, if eating at night should avoid sour, spicy foods that contain a lot of fat.

Susceptibility to colon cancer

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a condition in which abnormal cells appear and grow in the lining of the large intestine, colon or rectum. Both men and women are at risk for this disease.

When eating at night and indigestible foods, clinging to the intestines and long-term susceptible to colon cancer (rectal cancer).

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The habit of eating at night easily leads to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that are thought to be caused by the body’s biological clock being broken down, while increasing the level of fat in the blood, if often leading to a decrease in insulin in the blood, it is harder to control blood sugar levels.

Nervous breakdown, memory loss

Eating late makes the body focus on digestion and absorbing all night so there is no time to restore the brain and other organs, which is why eating late when you wake up will feel tired.

If you eat too much, it puts pressure on the organ parts around the stomach, leading to memory affected and long-term nervous breakdown.

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