How do you slow your eyes increase myopia?

How do you slow your eyes increase myopia?

Methods of controlling myopia are introduced according to the mechanisms: regulatory theory, peripheral refractive theory …

There are 4 methods of controlling myopia: low-dose Atropine (0.01%), double-lens lenses, polyfocal soft contact lenses, ORTHO-K night contact lenses.

Everyone knows that “the eyes are the window of the soul.” However, modern life, high work intensity, environment, eye problems, especially myopia lead to increased continuity that makes many people worry.

Experts believed that currently, the number of people with nearsightedness, the age is increasingly young and the cost of treating myopia is increasing.

If in the old days, students in grade 9, 10 were nearsighted, now the 3rd, 4th, even kindergarten students already have children wearing glasses.

Therefore, the question is how to control myopia (treatment helps to slow the development of myopia).

Many studies have also shown that Asians are more likely to be nearsighted than Europeans, and that children who have a close-up look time of more than 3 hours a day, less time to play outdoors have a higher risk of nearsightedness than other children.

The manifestation of myopia in the child is also easy to notice: the child often pulls the book closer, sits near the television, or often headaches, dizziness due to the right eye is much regulated.

Therefore, parents who notice that their child has these signs should take the child to an eye specialist for examination.