"Big breasts" not only cause loss of aesthetics, causing hunchbacking and collapse of the lungs …

“Big breasts” not only cause loss of aesthetics, causing hunchbacking and collapse of the lungs … It is also easy to turn into cancer, so it needs to be detected and treated early.

Surgery is the best method to help solve unpleasant symptoms as well as bring aesthetic effects to children.

After examining and diagnosing the situation for pediatric patients, doctors can surgically removed the double breast tumor mostly about 6kg, then the patient was reconstructed breast shape, preserved the ability to breastfeed later.

Doctors recommend: If your mammary glands are too large, you should see a doctors. Doctors will examine the disease, visit to exclude malignant lesions, measure indicators to assess the degree of hypertrophy, late prolapse to come up with a specific surgical plan.

Hypertrophy of the mammary glands is a very rare disease.

In Asia, mammary hypertrophy has a very low rate, accounting for only 1/20th of the mammary gland (breast does not develop).

Usually, the disease is common at the age of 18-20 or after childbirth, which is caused by a hormone disorder.

Hypertrophic breasts are severe, affecting living, gradually can cause ulcers of the breast crease, shoulder pain, degeneration of the spine, hunchback.

Patients with mammary hypertrophy should go to the hospital for examination, if necessary can shrink the enlarged breast.

Some patients are afraid to touch the cutlery for fear of complications but there are many breast reduction techniques, depending on the degree of hypertrophy, the experience of the surgeon that the patient is selected for the appropriate surgery.

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