This EU member country surcharges petrol and diesel

This EU member country surcharges petrol and diesel for foreigners

Faced with the difficult situation faced by European countries following the war in Ukraine, some countries have decided to act.

This is the case of Hungary but their way of doing things is not really in accordance with the rules of the European Union.

In Hungary, the price per liter of gasoline is 480 forints. That’s about €1.20.

An extremely attractive price if we look at things from our point of view where the liter of gasoline oscillates between € 2 and € 2.10 and that of diesel exceeds € 2.15.

And this situation is the same in many European countries. Despite the implementation of aid equivalent to our fuel rebate.

No wonder, then, that motorists from neighbouring countries come to Hungary to buy petrol.

At least those who are close to the border. A state of affairs that the local authorities have understood and for which they have decided to act vigorously.

Now, when foreigners come to Hungary to refuel, they are overtaxed by 60%.

This brings the price per liter to around 2 €, then canceling the beneficial effect of crossing the border.

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