The Israeli armor ROBUST fights infantry and tanks autonomously

In the future, ROBUST should be armed with IAI launchers and Spike anti-tank missiles manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The new armoured vehicle should operate with a high degree of autonomy, day and night, in all weather conditions and virtually on any terrain.

The model of its autonomous operation is based on simplicity, minimal involvement of human operators and the possibility of integration with other autonomous systems of various types.

Robust was developed as part of the “autonomous battlefield” program that DDR&D is working on in Israel in collaboration with the Tank & APC Directorate. It is created within an open architecture, due to the easy involvement of other systems, including future technologies, which should provide this combat vehicle with additional tools and capabilities in its operations.

The ROBUST vehicle is the culmination of many years of effort and investment. Field tests are expected to begin next year (2023), with different scenarios for the use of this remarkable armored vehicle.

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