Storms: 25 departments placed on orange vigilance – France

Storms: 25 departments placed on orange vigilance, "violent phenomena" expected

Storms: 25 departments placed on orange vigilance, “violent phenomena” expected

Beware of thunderstorms. This Thursday morning, Météo France place 25 departments in orange vigilance, from the Massif Central to the Grand Est.

This new salvo of violent thunderstorms is expected to start at midday on the Centre-East and spread to the North-East in the afternoon.

Weather France specifies that “violent phenomena” are to be expected, including violent hail falls in places, intense rainfall and strong gusts of wind that can reach values of 70 to 90 km / h.

Thunderstorms will begin to subside in the evening through the Centre-East before calming down over the North-East in the first part of the following night.

Minimum temperatures will range from 13 to 18 degrees in general, 19 to 22 near the Big Blue, locally 23 or 24 in Corsica.

The maximums will go from 18 to 23 degrees near the English Channel, from 23 to 28 degrees elsewhere, locally 30 to 31 in the plain of Alsace and east of the Rhône.

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