Because Neymar is one of the very few sportsmen to have his personal plane. The Santos native acquired an Embraer Legacy 450 in 2015.

A jet for which it is necessary to pay about fifteen million euros and which can accommodate up to nine travelers. Its maximum speed is 0.83 mach, or nearly 1100 km / h and its range of 5700 km.

In the end more fear than harm for Neymar. The Brazilian was nevertheless left for a beautiful fright. His private jet was forced to land in Boa Vista, in northern Brazil, on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

The fault of problem on the windshield of the device which posed a risk of depressurization.

The PSG striker nevertheless wanted to be reassuring. ” I thank everyone for the messages, but everything is fine, we go home, it was just a fright,” he reacted on Instagram.

The former Barcelonan has obviously not been traumatized and will therefore be able to continue to enjoy his jet.

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