End of the vaccination pass: introduced by the Macron government

End of the vaccination pass: introduced by the Macron government, it should disappear on this specific date

Essential to travel outside France or to work in medical-social institutes, the full vaccination pass is effective on the territory.

It should disappear on this precise date, according to the government’s provisional calendar.

An expiry date for the health pass

If it was removed on March 14 to access most public places, the vaccine pass should completely disappear at the deadline of July 31.

Still present in hospital environments, the sesame once essential for access to certain establishments receiving the public such as the cinema or the restaurant is destined to be abolished.

If the month of June is experiencing an epidemic recovery, the Macron government’s announcements in terms of “return to normal” at the beginning of 2022 were optimistic about the abandonment of the various restrictions. Due to Covid-19, mandatory teleworking or the isolation of contact cases in France is no longer subject to firmness and remains more flexible than before.

On Twitter, UDI Senator Loïc Hervé said on this subject: “The health pass and the vaccination pass will AUTOMATICALLY disappear on July 31, 2022, if no law extends them. In coherence, I will obviously fight against any extension of these measures, which are both unnecessary and deprivation of liberty.”

An epidemic rebound in june

Concern is growing among some epidemiologists about the resurgence of Covid-19 cases on European territory. In addition, according to a study by Public Health France, hospitalizations deemed “critical” have increased by 17% during the past week and by 57% concerning general contaminations in France.

While measures can be taken by the Borne government to combat the expansion of the Covid-19 epidemic, they would not be as restrictive as the vaccine pass. These would indeed be “braking” measures. In other words, the return of the mask in transport could be effective, it is also highly recommended by some doctors in case of high affluence.

As a reminder, to enter French territory, every citizen must have a complete vaccination schedule. Each adult must have received “a dose of complementary messenger RNA vaccine no later than 9 months after the injection of the last dose required”, after a vote by the European Commission