Unrest in Ecuador between protesters and the police.

Protesters use tanks with compressed air to fight the Police in Ecuador

Protesters use tanks with compressed air to fight the Police in Ecuador

Despite repeated calls by indigenous leader Leonidas Iza, the main promoter of the protests, for the mobilizations to be peaceful and without violence or vandalism, some demonstrators carried out attacks on the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office of Ecuador, whose headquarters are located near the area of the clashes.

Protesters have chosen to use any kind of artisanal weapon to confront law enforcement.

A recent video showed that even compressed air tanks will be used to be “on par” with the Armed Forces.

In the sector of Pifo, Chaupi Molino, several citizens chose to place a tank in the middle of the road.

The mechanism to use this weapon is to detonate them so that they shoot out against the target (uniformed).

“Here the tanks with compressed air. Batteries to burst them, “says the user who made the video clip.


Dozens of violent people blocking the main access road to Pifo, in the Chaupi Molino sector, placed tanks with compressed gas and pentolite to attack the police and the Armed Forces.

This is not a demonstration but acts of terrorism, according to government sources. pic.twitter.com/jBa5JbLRIv

— Glass Code (@CodigoVidrioEc) June 21, 2022

Código Vidrio on Twitter: “🔴ATENCIÓN Decenas de violentos que bloquean la vía principal de acceso a Pifo, en el sector de Chaupi Molino, colocaron tanques con gas comprimido y pentolita para atacar a Policía y FF.AA. Está no es una manifestación sino actos de terrorismo, según fuentes del Gobierno. https://t.co/jBa5JbLRIv” / Twitter

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