Police investigated the Red Bull pits

Police investigated the Red Bull pits in Canada

Police investigated the Red Bull pits in Canada

Once the mechanics were able to access the facilities they continued with the celebrations, but also the disassembly of the pits to send all the packages to the next race to be held on July 3 at the Silverstone circuit, home of the United Kingdom Grand Prix where Red Bull arrives as 1-2 of the drivers’ championship with Max Verstappen at the head over Sergio Pérez , who left the competition in North America for his second pointless time this 2022 season.

Red Bull team staff who attended the awards ceremony of their Canadian Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen were unable to immediately return to the pits when they were surprised that police were at their workstation inside the Gilles Villeneuve circuit.

When Red Bull Racing approached, Canadian police with a service dog found themselves inside and no one was allowed to enter until an inspection was completed.

The British tabloid Express quotes the story according to Sky Sport F1 presenter Ted Cravitz.

According to him, the police withdrew without discovering anything in the premises of the Austrian team that took the victory in the hands of Max Verstappen after an intense duel against the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz in the last laps of the competition in the return of Formula 1 to Canada.

Competition at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit had been absent since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

It is normal, and even mandatory, for the police to patrol the Grand Prix venue, as it is a massive event. However, it is difficult to remember a time when the police entered the pits of one of the teams, especially with a service dog.

These dogs are usually trained to find explosives, drugs, and other illegal substances.

Kravitz speculated that a large amount of “sugary, caffeinated and taurine drink” was what attracted the dog to the Red Bull facility and led to this delay in the team.

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